Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I'm reading the Tom Brown Guide to Edible and Medicinal Plants.  He writes about having a nature intuition. How those of us who are out in the field know when an animal is around, even if we don't see or hear it.  I experienced my intuition at work yesterday.  I took a hike in the rainy, foggy weather.  I thought to myself that this reminded me of the times when I was a child and I was out and about and found box turtles.  As I came upon a spot that I had seen 2 others nearby over the years, and had always wondered why I had never found any on that trail, and there she was.  A large, heavy, very healthy female. 

 Nature on the home front continues to be amazing.  Abstaining from FB and TV has me looking out my windows constantly.  First thing this morning as I looked out my kitchen window I noticed a small animal run very fast from the corner of our yard.  I thought, that looked like a fawn.  I continued to watch and there it was again!  It was a fawn!  I looked over into our neighbors yard and there was our Gimpy Girl.  Her fawn was running back and forth as fast as it's little legs would carry it.  A little later Gimpy Girl crossed into our yard and following her was not just one fawn, but TWO!  GG never ceases to amaze me.  We had a really hard winter with deep snow, and she somehow manages to survive and also have twins.  Later our pair of Mallards returned to the pond and spent most of the morning sleeping and bathing.  Although I always hear Bluebirds in the neighborhood I rarely see one in our yard, well today there was one on the wire in the backyard.  A beautiful male.  I couldn't help but think about my next door neighbor who died from cancer almost 10 years ago, she loved the Bluebirds.  I once gave her a statue of one.  We also have a very large fat Woodchuck living in the far back corner.  I worked on the pond for a little while and discovered that the Grey Tree frogs laid eggs last night.  Many got sucked into the filter, so I potted a water plant for them to anchor the eggs for now on.   Always something to see, just have to be on the lookout. 

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